Beginning Nokia Apps Development: Using MeeGo, Mobile QT and OpenSymbian

Though the whole mobile market is talking about Apple and Android devices, Nokia continues to lead in mobile market. For example, Symbian is the most used mobile OS. And as you probably remember Nokia has announced they would support open development platforms that will contribute to the growth of Nokia’s popularity.
Nokia Apps Development is supported by such platforms as Mobile Qt, OpenSymbian, and MeeGo. Symbian and MeeGo, which are the future of the company, use Qt as a cross platform development framework. Qt will help the developers to target both platforms easily. Other features, Web Runtime apps can also be developed for Symbian and MeeGo.
All these cases can be learned from the “Beginning Nokia Apps Development: Using MeeGo, Mobile QT and OpenSymbian” book.
Generally, you’ll learn:
  • How to do Qt basics
  • What is QML or the Qt Markup Language
  • What is Qt for Meego and how to use it and how to use it
  • How to work with the Web Runtime
  • Why mobile development is different
  • How to port/support MeeGo and Symbian platforms
So you should have already understood this book is for mobile developers wanting to target a Meego or Symbian platforms.
You can buy it from Amazon for about $37.

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